, 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career. An engaging and impactful training strategy is key to employee retention, higher engagement, better work performance365体育官网, and, as a consequence, the success of an organization as a whole.

Kahoot! provides professionals in any industry with a way to transform training and development in their companies – both by making it engaging, as well as improving retention of challenging content. With training being the number one area365体育官网 where businesses use Kahoot!, we’ve taken a deeper dive into how Kahoot! can add more value. We’re happy to introduce Kahoot! Academy, our new offering designed for training professionals and scalable for large companies.

Kahoot! Academy, new advanced offering for training

Here’s what you get with Kahoot! Academy:

Identify learners by name, email or other parameter

By toggling on our new player identifier feature in just one click, the game will match players’ scores to emails, names or other parameters you choose. In an advanced game report you’ll be able to see who completed important training – great for compliance!

Track learner progress over time

The player identifier feature will help you assess your learners’ performance over time across multiple training sessions by combining game reports.

Create tournaments by combining scores over multiple games

365体育官网What’s more, you can combine multiple games into a tournament – ideal for corporate learning courses and company-wide competitions. Bring new dynamics and motivation into training by making it more competitive!

Assign self-paced, personalized learning

Enable self-paced, personalized learning feature for your trainees to help them memorize important info. This new feature is based on spacing and testing learning methods that are proven to improve long-term knowledge retention. Based on questions that were the most difficult for each trainee in live games, our app will generate personalized games they’ll be prompted to replay over 7 days. You’ll be able to track trainees’ personal progress in a game report.

Deliver a fully-branded gameplay experience

365体育官网Deliver a high impact, branded gameplay experience to your audience from introduction to the final podium with our advanced branding options.

Train up to 2,000 participants in one session

365体育官网With Kahoot! Academy, you can host live games in training sessions with up to 2,000 participants, as well as assign challenges for remote training at enterprise scale.

Reimagine your training strategy and make it more impactful! Get started with Kahoot! Academy today.